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Gill's raid on Buffalo continues

Poor Zach Maynard, perhaps if he had just waited until after spring practice he too could join the small Exodus from Amherst to Lawrence. Turner Gill continues to have a hand in the poaching of UB football players and it's a rather despicable action from someone who generally keeps himself above even the appearance of impropriety.

Whether or not Gill is playing an active role in this he has to know what it looks like, it looks like a coach cherry picking talent from his former team, it's rather 'Kiffinesque' of him. All we are missing is coach Orgeron on the phone during Gill's announcement.

Today, in addition to word that Darius Willis was going to KU we now here that sizemore make Kansas his new home
Former Manheim Township football standout Nick Sizemore has been released from his athletic scholarship at the University of Buffalo, and he has followed his head coach, Turner Gill, to the University of Kansas, where he has accepted a full athletic scholarship to continue his football career for the Jayhawks in the Big 12 Conference -- Jeffrey Reinhart
This is now, officially, a raid and I would not be surprised to hear of Albert Sparks or any of the other departing Bulls ending up in Kansas. While UB football will forever owe a debt to turner Gill for the life the breathed into the program its becoming very, very obvious he was busier selling himself than Buffalo not only to players he was recruiting but also to those same players after they joined...

Question for Coach Gill... when kids interrupt their education half way through to follow you to Kansas are they using football or being used by football?