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New York State Public FBS Championship Announced.

UB made two big schedule announcements today, the first is that UB will be playing Army four times between 2014 and 2020 for the "New York State Public FBS Championship".
The Bulls and Black Knights, who played in Buffalo in 2008, will finalize that initial two-game contract with a meeting on Sept. 9, 2017 at Army, but have also agreed to meet four more times in the next decade. The two programs will meet twice at West Point and twice more at UB Stadium between 2014 and 2020. The first date will be a game on September 6, 2014 at historic Michie Stadium on the campus of West Point, with two games in Buffalo (9/17/16 and 9/29/18) before wrapping the series on Oct. 24, 2020 back at Army. -- UB Athletics
The 2008 thriller against the Black Knights was UB's highest attended game that season (only 100 short of the 2009 Pitt Game). Army fans travel well and these games have the potential to rival the attendance marks set for the 2004 game against Syracuse.

While it would have been nice for Syracuse to get in on a New York State challenge cup (College Football Empire Cup) its not like the Orange to take road games when they don't have to. Still Amy and UB having this series should increase visibility for the UB football program throughout the state and probably nation wide.

The other big announcement has to do with the fourth non conference slot in 2012 which will now be filled with a home game against FCS opponent Morgan State, this will give UB seven home games in 2012 something usually only done by BCS level programs (though there are exceptions). The bet that Warde Manuel and company are making is that the UB fan base will continue to grow in size and enthusiasm (attendance is up nearly 80% from 2005), with little indication that UB will be content to go on the road as a punching bag to fill out its budget the future of UB football is being placed squarely in the hands of the UB fan base.
"I think it speaks to the growth of our program that we have been able to secure seven home games and the level of competition that we will see at UB Stadium. I am hopeful that our students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans will show the support to our program commensurate with being able to get programs like Boston College and Pitt to play here in Buffalo. Its a fantastic opportunity for our football team to compete at home seven times against terrific competition." -- Warde Manuel
 In addition to seven home games another thing of note is that 2012 features three games against three BCS teams (UConn, BC, and Pitt).

This sets up UB's non conference schedule for 2011 and 2012:


  • 9/10 vs. Stony Brook
  • 9/17 at Pittsburgh
  • 9/24 vs. Connecticut
  • 10/8 at Boston College


  • 8/30 vs. Boston College
  • 9/8 vs. Morgan State
  • 9/29 at Connecticut
  • 10/6 vs. Pittsburgh