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UB Coaching Staff releases Summer Depth Chart

Boxes in the image indicate a 'tie', in the UB release this is where the staff has said it will be player A or player B. So in the offense there is no set starter at quarterback, right now we know it is Davis or Dennison, we know that Nduka or Thermilus will be the starters at RB but it will either be either Thermilus or Nduka (or a straight committee) 


I'm pretty surprised that Neutz did not pick up a starting spot, but from the couple of Cincinnati games I saw last year I don't think being 4th on the depth chart will keep him from seeing a lot of action. Aside from that no major surprises, no clue who will be starting at QB or RB.


Seeing Darius Willis pegged as a backup is disappointing but aside from that thinks look pretty much like one would have expected back in January.