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Scott Pettigrew Likely out for the season

Pettigrew (33) will miss his Junior Year but
he still has a red shirt available to him

Linebacker Scott Pettigrew is probably going to miss the whole 2010 season after suffering a knee injury.

According to Rodney McKissic Pettigrew said that he tore his ACL and LCL in his right knee during last Saturday’s scrimmage at UB Stadium. Pettigrew walked off the field after the injury but that his right knee locked up when he woke up Sunday morning. Pettigrew is scheduled for surgery on Thursday.

The 6-foot-2, 214-pound Pettigrew was likely going to be a starter this season so the depth of UB's linebacking corps is going to be tested well before the season starts:

Player Height Weight
Darius Willis 6-3 243
Ray Anthony Long 6-1 200
John Syty 6-2 200
Justin Winters 5-11 212
Mark Richardson 6-2 221
Fred Branch 6-3 216
Khalil Mack 6-3 239
Imani Chatman 6-3 218
R. Akobundu 5-11 238
Tim Krantz 6-2 229
S. Dudley 6-2 221
Terry Peden 6-1 252
Remaining Linebackers on the UB Roster