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Post Draft Thoughts and Results:

James Starks: (6th round Green Bay)

I am amazed he slid until the 6th round I had him going, at the latest, in the early 5th but it was a pretty askew draft by a lot of teams. Green Bay is a good situation for starks to walk into, as a team they only have one reliable 'every down' back and with starks being that kind of guy (decent speed, patient running, and soft hands).

He has a good chance of making the final roster and will, at worst, end up on their practice squad for a year.

Naaman Roosevelt: (Buffalo UDFA)

McKissic called it last night, if Roosevelt slid past the seventh he was going to be offered by Buffalo, word is he was also offered by Chicago. I would have felt better if he landed on a team that had not also drafted a receiver. Being an UDFA playing for a spot against a player who was drafted but Buffalo does have real needs at receiver.

He may not have as good a chance as Starks has of being on a roster this September but his experience as a return man and the Bills anemic depth at wide out may get him in a bills uniform this season.

Mike Newton: (Indianapolis UDFA) 

I Thought for sure that I would have to stomach Newton in a Patriots uniform but Bill Polian and the Colts spared me that dilemma. I don't know too much about the Colts need for a safety but with Drew Willy and Jamie Richard in camp the Colts have to quickly be becoming a UB fan favorite.

The Colt's are not in need for a Safety I would be surprised to see Newton on the roster this year but being the athlete he is he may make enough of an impact to sneak in. If he does not make the roster look for him to be on the practice squad.

Jessie Rack: (Jets, Rookie Camp) Update: 4/25 2:56EST

J E T S JETS JETS JETS! Per Rodney McKissic: "Jesse Rack gets invite to Jets rookie camp". The Jets have quite a few young tight ends and none of them seems to be a clear backup for Dustin Keller. Rack might be the second best receiving tight end that they now have on their roster but whether or not he can handle the blocking assignments of an NFL tight end remains to be seen.

Minor correction: Rack has signed nothing, He was invited to the Rookie camp for a tryout. My bad, this is the first draft I have really followed...