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Implementing the 3-4 Defensive line (Defensive Ends)

I decided to take an impromptu week off and enjoy some much needed time with my family. Sadly I had been spending enough time posting, reading, and searching out recruiting information to that I was missing some great moments at home.

During my week off there was some great updated about UB football practices posted by Rodney McKissic. Last week I talked about who would be a nose tackle in a hypothetical 3-4 Defense Readers overwhelmingly picked Albert Sparks as their favorite to take the spot but on the field Anel Montanez seems to be getting the lions share of the work. Despite the fact Anel's size is not very impressive his ability to get into the backfield was ( six and a half tfl's last season).

Flanking Montanez is Means and Verser who fit the model of a speed not size hybrid defense. It's pretty obvious that Inge may want to make the move to full 3-4 but that they are aware it will take a recruiting class or two to get the right sized guys in for that unit. Until then I think you're going to see schemes set up to make sure that elephant linebacker is more a lineman than not.

The defense outclassed the offense at last weeks scrimmage while it's easy to point at a new QB, new receivers and new tight ends to do so without pointing out that the defense is implementing system which is far and away more foreign to UB football than that anything the offense is doing would be doing a disservice to the work Coach Inge and company have done
"The defense played with great energy and enthusiasm, they flew around and made some good plays. The offense wasn't anywhere where we needed to be, very inconsistent, that’s something we need to clean up as coaches. The most important thing right now is that we develop as a team, and come out here, practice hard and make each other better so at the end of the day we are ready to compete at the highest level." -- Jeff Quinn
The defense did give up a 48 yard touchdown pass to Fred Lee (Way to step up Lee) but several sacks, a pick, and making Jerry Davis run for his life from time to time was the theme of the scrimmage. Only 19 days left until the Blue and White game.