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We ain't got no Alibi

When you lose by eleven points and you're lucky it was that close, that's an ugly game. UB's game against Miami is one of the uglier games they have played this season, and given some of the hair balls we coughed up this year that's saying a lot. The only difference between this and the other half dozen bricks UB has thrown up this year is that in this loss it was a second half collapse that did it (usually UB has been starting slowly).

I started to get worried near the end of the first when Jawaan Alston committed a terrible foul during a RedHawk three point shot. No way was he in the right position to defend the shot but flying over there and mugging the guy is not going to make up for that, instead of a missed three point shot we gave Miami three at the charity stripe.

As badly as the first half ended UB came out well in the second, for a minute or two. The game really did not start to get out of hand until about three minutes into the second half. Buffalo had closed to 35-33, that's when Miami went on a 10-0 run that put the game out of reach.

Time Buffalo Play Score Miami Play
17:08 33-37 Julian Mavunga made Two Point Layup.
17:08 Foul on Titus Robinson 33-37
17:08 33-38 Julian Mavunga made Free Throw.
17:03 Calvin Betts Turnover. 33-38
17:02 33-38 Rodney Haddix II Steal.
16:54 33-40 Kenny Hayes made Two Point Layup. Assisted by Kramer Soderberg.
16:37 Mitchell Watt made Two Point Dunk Shot. Assisted by Rodney Pierce. 35-40
16:01 35-42 Rodney Haddix II made Two Point Jumper.
15:48 Rodney Pierce missed Two Point Jumper. 35-42
15:48 35-42 Miami (OH) Defensive Rebound.
15:47 35-42 Official TV Timeout.
15:26 35-42 Julian Mavunga missed Two Point Layup.
15:26 Mitchell Watt Block. 35-42
15:25 35-42 Miami (OH) Offensive Rebound.
15:17 35-42 Julian Mavunga missed Two Point Jumper.
15:17 Mitchell Watt Block. 35-42
15:13 Mitchell Watt Defensive Rebound. 35-42
15:04 Rodney Pierce missed Two Point Jumper. 35-42
15:04 35-42 Kenny Hayes Defensive Rebound.
14:43 35-45 Kramer Soderberg made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Julian Mavunga.

Up until that point Mitchell Watt was the only thing keeping us in the game (More on that Below) and the Bulls would close to within five several minutes later but they were just shooting too badly to get any closer. You cant shoot as badly as the Bulls did and stay in a game.

Not much needs to be said here.. When you struggle to shoot 35% and your opponents are hitting twenty percent higher than that all the rebounding in the world is not going to save you.

The only upside form this game is Mitchael Watt, he was freaking amazing. He garnered 17 points on 67% shooting. There is little doubt he has the tools to lead this team for the next two years but weather or not he can do it is another story. Titus Robinson also had a pretty decent outing.

There is nothing to do now except sit back and let the Akron/Kent game decide our fate. If Akron wins then UB is the fourth seed and will play the winner of Miami/Toledo, if Kent wins than Miami will play the Winner of Buffalo/Toledo. The winner of that contest likely gets to face Kent.