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Spring Practice Starts, Prospectus is out

Update: Per McKissic (great read here) Thermilus spent the most time working with the starting offense.

Coach Quinn took the field as UB's coach for the first time, granted nobody was there but the team and some media but its still, it's nice to know the team is practicing again. According to Rodney McKissic coach Jeff Quinn seems to have the team firing on all cylinders.
I've been watching the first UB football practice today and the thing I noticed immediately was how quickly the pace is. Everyone moves from station to station and there isn't much standing around. During one drill, the wide receivers standing in line waiting did push ups. -- Rodney McKissic
There has been speculation that the team is going to run a multi set defense but it seems the base will be a 3-4. The assumption has to be that UB will have an elephant back. The defensive backs look to be playing a more aggressive game than UB has been playing.

The offense is, as expected, fast paced and it seems some of the veterans love it:
This offense is gonna be fun to run. good first day of spring ball -- Peter Bittner via twitter
Davis worked with the first team offense along with Marcus Rivers and Terrell Jackson and Fred Lee. No word on if any half back was standing out.

  • Jake Reeder (knee)
  • Willie Moseley (knee)
  • Kyle Brey (shoulder)
Names Missing in the spring Prospectus:
  • Tom Drewes
  • Rick Perez
  • Bruno Lapointe
  • Matt Brennan