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Ohio Representing the MAC

UB Hoops Czar On:
Ohio Getting it done


Ohio vs Georgetown game just ended. I knew Ohio had a good offense, but they made Georgetown look like an awful team.

When you saw Ohio start the game, they were free flowing, confident in what they were doing, ran their offense, and made the plays they had to play. They didn't force anything, and just let the players do what they're good at. Van Kempen made mid range jumpers, and made Monroe come outside to guard him. Cooper used his athleticism to get to the rack, as well as dish it for several 3's on the dish and drive. Basset made a ton of free throws, and did a good job getting the Georgetown players to foul. Washington cleaned up the garbage points, and did an excellent job on the floor. Freeman was 4 of 5 from beyond the arc. For what was suppose to be the 9th best team in the MAC conference, boy did the Bobcats look awfully good.

Its kind of exciting to know that Buffalo was the last team to beat them haha (had to find a way to get a good word for Buffalo in there). The one thing that I was impressed with was the athleticism of Ohio. They looked just as athletic, if not more athletic than a big east powerhouse. Does this mean that the MAC are getting better players? Hopefully that's the case. Like I said before, the MAC looks like it can be a really good conference, and as of right now is really difficult to win. Its currently one of those conferences that's really good in the sense that there are several teams good enough to win the conference, but neither of them being over the hump to get an at large bid. Most mid-major conferences have just one team who is the best team throughout the whole year, and they always end up representing the conference when March comes around. That's not the case in the MAC. A few big out of conference wins can make this a really scary conference (like the Missouri Valley) and get a team or 2 worthy of an at large bid.