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Mike Newton getting it done on Pro Day..

Word is starting to come out about the pro day performances. Sadly being half way across the country keeps me from being able to attend event like the pro day but Rodney McKissic of the Buffalo News, Patrick Moran of Buffalo Sports Daily, and several 'services' have started to publish their thoughts.

Firstly the NFL teams who ended up sending scouts:

Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Mike Newton: Mike Newton may have worked his way into the draft. I had said going into pro day that Newton had more to gain than anyone with a performance:

Key Results:
  • 40: 4.50
  • Vertical: 3'5"
  • Bench: 9
  • Broad: 10-0
  • Shuttle: 4.17
What is being Said:
  • Safety Mike Newton had a good time in the 40 (4.50) and a vertical leap of 41 inches. ... -- Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News
  • Bulls' S Mike Newton had a very athletic 41" VL while reportedly running in the low 4.5 range for the 40. -- gbn report
  • Newton who has started since his red-shirt freshman year was 5-10 197 pounds, ran a 4.46 and a 4.48, 40 yard dash, which would have been second for all safeties at the NFL Combine. He had a 41 inch vertical jump again which would have been tied for second among all safeties at the NFL Combine with USC Taylor Mays. He had a 10 foot broard jump, ran a 6.94 3 cone drill, a 4.17, 20 yard shuttle. The only thing that he didn’t do as well was the 225 bench, which he only had 9 reps. -- NFL Next Blog
  • He was also asked to defensive back drills by the Packers, Eagles, Bills, Browns, Jets and Saints. -- NFL Next Blog
Naaman Roosevelt: I don't think Roosevelt probably held par at pro day (likely he is still a late round pick), his 40 was vastly improved over last season 4.59 this year versus a 4.8 last season.

Key Results:
  • 40: 4.59
  • Vertical: 3'
  • Broad: 12-0
  • Bench: 12 Reps
What's being Said:
  • Roosevelt, the former St. Joe's quarterback, didn't disappoint, running the 40-yard dash in 4.59, an impressive time for a wide receiver. He wouldn't speculate whether it was good enough to sway a team to pick him early in the draft but he felt good about his performance. -- Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News
  • WR Naaman Roosevelt was only able to clock in the 4.60 range for the 40; he also had only 12 reps in the bench press, while recording a 36" VL. -- gbn report
Brett Hamlin: When the star receiver of the team, Roosevelt, is a late round pick it's unlikely (but not impossible) that the receiver who does his work under the radar like Hamlin will get a call on draft day. But Hamlin made good use of the opportunity to show off his skills in front of the scouts who came to see Starks, Roosevelt, and Newton.

Key results:
  • Pro Agility: 4.01
  • LCone: 6.54
  • 40: 4.57
  • Vertical: 3'
  • Broad" 10.01
  • 60 Shuttle: 11.09
Whats being said:
  • Wide reciever Brett Hamlin also had a decent time in the 40 (4.64) and 3-cone drill (6.64). His 3-cone time would have been the third best among WRs at the Combine. Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News
Jessie Rack: Another Bull who may not get drafted but can almost certainly count on a tryout this spring. He helped his case with a pretty good pro day yesterday

Key results:
  • 60 Shuttle: 11.46
Whats being said:
Ernest Jackson: Jackson's foot injury kept him from passing an NFL physical last season, with his work during the year off it's pretty clear that he has earned another:

Key results
  • 40: 4.53
  • Bench: 18
Whats being said:
  • Jackson spent all of this past season at UB working out and it shows on his chiseled body. When he played at UB Jackson was 208 pounds but he's now 224. -- Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News
Ben Woods: If he makes it into the NFL former UB punter Ben Woods will be one of the most ripped kickers in the league. He out benched pretty much everyone present.

Key Results:
  • 40: 4.69
  • Bench: 24 Reps
Whats being said:

  • Former UB punter Ben Woods had the body fat of a grain of rice and looked more chistled than when he left the program. He pumped out 24 reps - a team high - on the bench press and ran a 4.69 in the 40. One scout thought he was a linebacker. -- Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News
James Starks: Starks did not do any of the standard workout, he let his combine numbers stand for themselves and instead focused on doing individual drills.