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MAC Conference Expansion Rumors

Not that Mid American Conference augmentation will capture headlines on ESPN but it will still get noticed 14 members.
The MAC meetings are going on in Chicago, and according to a coach in attendance, there was more talk about expanding the league to 14 teams with adding Temple (Atlantic 10 for all sports but football) and Western Kentucky (Sun Belt) as full members. Temple plays a MAC schedule in football and has added MAC nonconference games for basketball. This kind of decision would be made for football, but if they did ever join the league in hoops, it would make this league even tougher and potentially put it in position to earn multiple bids (which hasn't happened since 1999). -- ESPN.Com
This would be a dream scenario, WKU is a solid team that the previous conference leadership allowed to 'get away' and Temple would be a huge addition. While I would assume the MAC might be able to sway WKU away from the sun belt but I don't know how you get Temple to leave the A-10.

As much as the following 14 member Conference is appealing:

MAC East:
  • Akron
  • Bowling Green
  • Buffalo
  • Kent
  • Miami
  • Ohio
  • Temple
MAC West:
  • Ball State
  • Central Michigan
  • Eastern Michigan
  • Northern Illinois
  • Toledo
  • Western Kentucky
  • Western Michigan
I just don't see Temple leaving the A-10, but the time has long passed for Temple to go or get off the pot. As a conference I think we should be done letting Temple sleep on our couch. While no team in the MAC would stick around if a BCS conference came calling nobody else but Temple is treating the MAC like a placeholder.

The reason WKU is exciting is because they are a school that will commit, and help to improve the MAC. If Temple will not do same then the MAC might be better off taking on WKU and looking for another member.