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Hamlin working out with the Dolphins

Brett Hamlin is going to get a private workout with the Miami Dolphins next month (April 9th). Because the Dolphins are in the same division as Buffalo I do marginally follow them. Hamlin getting a shot with the Dolphins is huge, no team is as hard up for receivers as Miami.

It's not just that Miami needs a marquee guy (which they do), nor that they need several receivers (which they do), but its the fact Miami does not any receiver of any time on the roster who they are comfortable with.
Ted Ginn Jr. was drafted to become Miami’s number one receiver. This has never happened. Ginn has had his opportunity, but now it's time for Miami to look elsewhere. Ginn is an excellent special teams player with exceptional speed, but a top receiver he is not. ... None of these guys have shown that they are capable of becoming a standout receiver in the NFL, so who will become that number one receiver? --
Right now a lot of the focus is going to be on that premier receiver, the guy who you expect to draw double coverage. If Miami burns a draft pick on their receiving corps that's where its probably going to go (Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, and Arrelious Benn are names getting kicked around).

Hamlin, who had a pretty good pro day, would be an ideal possession receiver. He is not a burner and that lack of speed might be the only thing that keeps him from getting drafted because his hands are amazing. If Miami pulls Tate, Thomas, or another big name early (first or second round) they may give Hamlin a look as a free agent if nobody else picks him up.