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Get to Know your UB Coaches: Coach Jappy Oliver

UB Athletics was kind enough to make the coaching staff available for an interview with Bull Run. I sent each coach five to ten questions and took questions from readers. Right now the coaching staff is busy getting ready for spring ball so I am very grateful for the time they have taken to answer these questions.

If you want some background check out Coach Jappy Oliver's UB Athletics Profile:

Bull Run: Welcome back to the MAC, how has the conference changed in the 20+ years that you have spent with some of the better known programs in Division one football. How has the development of the BCS changed what it means to coach a mid major?

Coach Oliver: Tim it seems like the conference has gotten more recognition over the years and I believe

That’s because of better coaching and players. As for how the BCS has change what it means to coach mid major schools just look at the success of schools like Boise and Utah, the little guys are getting recognize too.

Bull Run: One of the things that plagued UB's defense this year was a lack of pressure from a four man rush. Aside from Steven Means no defensive lineman had more than three sacks, and most had only one. What has to happen with the UB players to spend more time in the other team’s backfield?

Coach Oliver: A few things has to happen, one we have to do a good job coaching. Two our players have to buy in on what were coaching, sacks are great but as long as we’re getting off the field that’s a win for us. Last, the secondary and front go hand in hand, if there covering

Well we can still get there.

Bull Run: Will the new defensive scheme differ in any tangible way from the perspective of a defensive lineman?

Coach Oliver: Our scheme will be definitely different from what they are use too so the Sooner they learn it the better we’ll be.

Bull Run: From your review of UB's games last season what pops out at you as a strength of the defensive line?

Coach Oliver: We have some good young talent here, I just have to get them confident and playing hard.

Bull Run: What is going to be the biggest adjustment coming from a school like Notre Dame to a school like Buffalo?

Coach Oliver: At ND you sometimes felt you were under a microscope but ball is ball, I don’t care where your coaching at. The results are the same you either Win or lose!