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End of the MAC season

Sadly I was unable to make it to Cleveland this year because I was down in Panama City Beach Florida, and I also missed the Buffalo game on t.v. too. As disappointed as I was, if i watched the Buffalo game live I probably would have smashed the computer sitting in front of me with the game on.

It hurts knowing that as a senior I wont ever have the chance of seeing my school go to the big dance, but its been a fun ride over the past few years. Buffalo has been up and down, and just about as consistent as a girl during that time of the month.

When you really sit back and think about it now that its all over, should we really have expected Buffalo to make the dance this year? We lost 3 important defensive players from last year, and we only had one person who could break down the defense by himself on offense. Gamble and A-Rob were probably the 2 best recruits for UB since Turner Battle, so Buffalo lacked really good individual players. Calvin Betts is a really nice mid-major player, but besides that I really wouldn't consider any of the players as a really good recruit. Titus is someone who I think could play in a conference like the A-10, and be a good role player there, but his type of skill set isn't one that could be a dominant force at the mid-major level.

Buffalo also lacked good athleticism. When you look at other mid-major programs, they have players who could dunk when taking it to the hoop or when on a wide open breakaway (especially at the guard spot). The only players who dunk and have the ability to go-get-it are Titus, and Watt. The only problem with them is that they are unable to create their own shot. Bottom line is that the athleticism and pure basketball skill was just something this team never had, so expecting them to be great was wrong by us. That's why I always stand by Reggie's offense, because it is one that works for a team that is smart, has good vision, but not so much athleticism. But after a while, if you cant get athletic players who have a natural skill for basketball, how far can you possibly go?

Is this Reggies fault? The Universities fault? The recruiting staffs fault?

Turner Battle was a treat for Buffalo to have, and having the slightest bit of chance at Jonas Jerebko was really nice, but besides that has there been a really good recruit coming to Buffalo? Have they ever really picked up a 'steal' out of high school (not talking about Battle)? I really don't think the coaching staff/university has the power to get players like that. That means the Buffalo program is at a stagnant point where they have to make some changes, right?