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USA Today also says UB is looking at the 3-4

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Over the weekend an article popped up in a small Pennsylvania news paper about UB Recruit Colby Way and his role in a 3-4 defense, while I could not find, online, a quote from the article it came from a family member of a UB player who lives in central Pennsylvania. It was reliable enough for me to dig in, even if just a little, to what the 3-4 would look like at UB.

Turns out USA today has also herd rumblings about the possibility of the change. And they were also on it Saturday.
"Quinn hasn't decided if the Bulls will play a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense but as it stands, the Bulls are better equipped to remain a 4-3 unit." -- USA Today
If you're wondering how a 3-4 defense might look, Buffalo Rumblings (the sbnation blog for the Buffalo Bills) has a pretty good overview on how you can run a 3-4 with no obscenely big nose tackle. The Bills, of course, are going through a little coaching change of their own and will be making the same move this season.

Buffalo Rumblings also had a great post on the different 'types' of 3-4 defenses last week. If you're to believe the article about Colby way my money would be on an Elephant Version of the Bullough-Fairbanks 3-4

ROLB shown as a defensive lineman and designated as "B" since the player mostly rushes.

According to the Buffalo Rumblings article (must read for their breakdowns) the defense's strengths and weaknesses are

  • Only one LB with a gap assignment.
  • Very good against outside runs with.
  • Bigger bodies needed to play the defense allow
  • The blitz packages are extensive
  • successful recently in countering spread and Coryall offenses.
  • ILBs can be ordinary athletes with good instincts and do well.
  • Defense requires three very good defensive linemen to be effective
  • Slower defense that can be exposed if the offensive line is successful in pass protection.
  • Fast TEs give the defense trouble
  • Teams that can run with power out of the two-TE, one-back set give the defense trouble