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UB Adds a late sleeper to the Class of 2010

According to rivals, to which I will someday have to subscribe when BR starts pulling in 10$ a month ;)...
The biggest sleeper to come out of Michigan for the Class of 2010 is 6-foot-8 270 lbs OT Jake Silas of Portland HS. Silas received a full scholarship and signed with the University of Buffalo one week after the February 3rd National Signing Day. Jake tells us in our Q & A Interview how he ended up in Buffalo and talked about his opportunity to play in the MAC. Read it here on Michigan Preps. -- Rivals
Can't find a picture of him on the field but at 6'8" I had no trouble finding a picture of him on the court... at 6-8 if this kid fills out he is going to be an absolute beast on the line, he already plays as bik as a 300 pounder..