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Twas the day before Signing..

'Twas the day before Signing, when all through the UB

Many Rumors were stirring, of a Bulls signing Spree;

The letters were sent out least week with great care,

In hopes that a class like no other would declare;

The fans were online on rivals and scout,

Trying to find who would be the next Bull about;

And Quinn in Bulls cap, and Warde by the phone,

Could no settle down their excited tone;

in front of the Stadium there arose such a clatter,

The sprang from their office to see what was the matter.

Away to the windows they flew like a flash,

Tore open the blinds and threw up the sash.

James Potts passed on Vandy, it gave a warm glow,

Like the lustre of backfields who no one would slow;

Then, what to their wondering eyes should appear,

Jeff Veinotte, came from Canada with Cheer;

Don't forget Hughes, so lively and quick,

Even without turner his commit would still stick.

More rapid than eagles new Bulls changed in,

Like star Maryland Quarterback Rudy Johnson;

"Now, Houston, Robinson, Takehs and Molloy!"

"You're the next Bull in" yelled coach Quinn with great joy!

"To the top of the MAC! to a Bowl and beyond!

There's no limit to where this program belongs"

The class of this year a sight warm to the eyes,

the top ever at UB, each one a true prize!

Coach Quinn gazed down, and this years recruits

Some like Zach Jones stood out like true bruits.

Imagine what this chap will do to the MAC

He'll eat quarterback's, he do more than just sack.

As I looked at the class, my head spinning about,

I glimpsed Jasen Carlson, a mammoth not doubt!

He was one of our new linemen next year

One more Hulk to keep the passing lanes clear.

Local DB Adam Redden was there,

To keep MAC offenses afraid of the air.

Speaking of Air some more depth at UB,

Alex Zordich came in, to add quality!

Devon Hughes stuck with UB through the change,

A nice target he'll provide, one with good range;

Dante Burton was all set for next year

Do you ever remember, a waiting list here?

Coach Quinn had done great at holding the gains,

That Coach Gill began when he took the reigns.

2010 will be a year of rebirth,

For a program that strives to prove national worth;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his hat,

coach Quinn had assured fans, "how'd you like that!";

He had spoke some strong words when he took over the team,

He just backed them up, This class really gleams!

He gathered the letters from this years new stars,

he gave a nod to UB Nation, The MAC's new Czars;

He sprang to his office not missing a beat,

Time to plan how to use these wonderful treats!

But I heard him exclaim, as he ran down the hall,

"What a great signing day, now lets play spring ball."

Now with the parody out of the way, its time to talk reality, Thanks to Abiodun Lawal (Known as UBAllDay or UBAD on the Buffalo Forum In addition to Scout and Rivals He has been relentless is scouring social media for any hint of a players leanings. Every time someone gave a verbal to UB he was all over it with highlight film and any scouting reports out there.
Name Position Status
Okoye Houston DB Deciding between Buffalo, WKU,Coastal Carolina
James Potts RB Decided to stay with UB
Devon Hughes WR Solid Commit
Rudy Johnson QB Solid Commit
Jeff Veinotte OL Solid Commit
William Robinson OL Deciding between New Mexico, and Buffalo
Dwellie Striggles DB Quiet Commit
John Molloy K/P Solid Commit
Charles Takeh RB Working Through Commit Process, Not Solid
Keith Takeh WR Working Through Commit Process, Not Solid
Adam Redden DB Solid Commit
Zach Jones DL Solid Commit
Andre Davis DE/TE Solid Commit
Jasen Carlson OL Solid Commit
Alex Zordich QB Solid Commit

Other Players on UB's Radar:

Pat Harris, Treasure Coast H.S. (FL)
Sean McQuillan, Glastonbury H.S. (CT)
ShelDon Miller, Monessen H.S. (PA)
De'Vaghn Millington, Ridgefield H.S. (CT)
Matt Huckabee, Timber Creek Regional H.S. (NJ)
Jack Egan, Wayzata H.S. (MN)
Dee Harris, Liverpool H.S. (NY)
Jake Stockman LB (Joliet Catholic)
Ker-sean Wilson, Columbia, SC
D.J. Nettles, Amherst, NY
Christon Gill, Bridgeport, CT
Steven Thames, Upper Marlboro, MD