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Ole Miss' is Gonna go galactic on the SEC

File this under too good to be true but because the administration at Ole' Miss decided to update their image by getting rid of Colonel Reb the have opened a Pandora's box of bored, creative, and jaded students who want to promote their Mascot to an Admiral.

For the administration, yes "it's a trap"

Now if this had just stayed a quiet on campus movement I am sure the administration at Ole' Miss would kill this deader than Greedo after he tried to turn Solo over to the Hut (or something like that). Unfortunately for the suits the campaign went viral, and then to the regular media.

Earlier today it was the 6th most searched item on Google and the story is being picked up by multiple new sources. One thing is for sure, as unconventional as the mascot is it would be a hell of a lot better than some of the choices like "land sharks"...