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NCAA AQ Theater - Whats a rebuilding powerhouse to do?

So Michigan got busted, and it seems they may get beat up pretty good before all is said and done. The Wolverines have been hurting on the filed for years and the prospect of sanctions against them is not going to help the cause of rebuilding a program that Alumni pour obscene amounts of money into.

The Skinny is this, Michigan Coaches had players spend too much time practicing and not enough working on their education. As shocking as it might seem, it seems that the staff was more interested in getting the program competitive again than they were in making sure each player got the most out of college.

Don't expect Michigan to make the same mistakes again, All that Rich Rod's job only depends on is wins and losses and if MU starts to take scholarship hits his prospects become pretty grim. Still while I think the letter of the law will be followed I am sure the Michigan Coaching Staff will find a way to get more practice hours in.

Maybe it will go something like this?