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Mid American Conference Revenue's 2008-2009

Rank Team Revenue
82 Temple $26,879,311
84 Miami (OH) $24,685,668
86 Buffalo $23,446,561
89 Central Michigan $22,476,972
91 Eastern Michigan $21,951,867
92 Ohio $21,893,603
93 Western Michigan $21,674,165
101 Northern Illinois $19,903,785
102 Akron $19,769,908
103 Ball State $19,385,563
104 Toledo $19,165,629
106 Kent State $17,942,193
111 Bowling Green $16,320,676

I don't know how much of this money was from the international Bowl but I think that right now UB is in a good place in terms of revenue. It's pretty clear that if UB has any aspirations of getting into a BCA conference they have to raise their revenue about 30% as 30 Million seems to be the base minimum that Big East Schools are spending. If UB is on anybodies radar it would be the Big East).
Big East Budgets
School Budget
South Florida $32.5M
Cincinnati $32.9M
West Virginia $48.0M
Louisville $50.7M
Connecticut $52.8M
Rutgers $56.0M

The Big East pays out their Bowl Revenue on the basis of Conference Finish. I think UConn Showed us just how far we have to go in the International Bowl so UB Fans can't jump on the logic of "We would get more money if we were in the Big East", it's one of the few BCS conferences where you really have to earn the payouts.