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MAC Conference Standings and Scenarios II

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Seed Team Record GB Remaining
1 Kent State 11-3 - mia, @akr
2 Ball State 8-6 3 @tol, @wmu
3 Akron 11-3 - @bg, kent
4 Buffalo 8-6 3 ohio, @mia
5 Miami (OH) 8-6 3 @kent, buf
6 Western Michigan 7-7 4 @cmu, ball
7 Central Michigan 7-7 4 wmu, @emu
8 Eastern Michigan 7-7 4 niu, cmu
9 Bowling Green 6-8 5 akr, @ohio
10 Ohio 6-8 5 @buf, bg
11 Northern Illinois 5-9 6 @emu, tol
12 Toledo 0-14 11 ball, @niu

Well Getting bounced by Akron was no fun but at least Ohio did us a solid by taking out Miami. From a Buffalo point of view tonight's games settled tow things
1) Buffalo will not be winning the MAC East this year, it will be either Akron or Kent.2) The winner of the Buffalo Miami game will probably be the fourth team to get a bye in the first round this year.

First Place in the East, Seed Number 1. (Between Akron and Kent the team that does not win gets the #3 seed)
Kent: Kent has clinched either the first or the third seed, there are two ways that they can win the conference. Kent's loss to Miami makes the tie breakers fall Akron's way *if* Kent loses the last game of the season.
  • All the flashes have to do to win the Conference is beat Akron in the final game.
Akron: The Zips needs to win their remaining two games to claim the east division. If Akron Beats Kent but loses Bowling Green then they would still win the conference if Kent loses to Miami and the Red Hawks finish higher than Bowling Green. The tie would be broken because of Miami's win against Kent.
  • Win final two games
  • Beat Kent and if Kent loses to Miami (and Miami finishes higher than EMU)
First Place in the West, and Seed #2

Ball State: If Ball State wins more of its remaining games than CMU, WMU, or EMU. The tie breakers get kind of Nasty if these teams all end up tied. The Cards are 1-1 against CMU, 1-0 against WMU, and 0-2 against EMU. with a one game lead on each of the teams. Of the four EMU is the only team to have not beaten Buffalo and Ball State is the only team to have beaten Miami. About the only way Ball State loses the division is if they lose out or end up in a tie with *only* EMU.
  • Win Final two Games
  • Don't end the season in a tie with only EMU
Central Michigan: The Chips can win if they win out and if Ball State loses out. If they win out they will take out WMU and EMU. If the end the season tied with BSU its likely that they will lose out on the BSU victory over Miami.
  • Win their last two games and have BSU lose their last two games
Western Michigan: Pretty much the same boat as the Chips except they have probably the most difficult remaining schedule in the West. If they win out they will finish ahead of CMU and at worst tied with EMU and Ball State. In this situation Ball State still wins out because of their victory over Miami so in addition to Winning out the Bronco's need help from, of all teams, Toledo.
  • Win their last to games and have Toledo beat Ball State
Eastern Michigan: Because of their loss to Buffalo EMU's only road to the winning the west involves winning their final two and the other teams in the west win and lose a specific set number of games in such a way that EMU and Ball State end up alone in a tie.
  • Win Their Last Two games, Ball State loses to Toledo or WMU, and if CMU beats WMU.
Seed Number 4 and a first round Bye:

Buffalo: The Bulls did themselves no favor with a terrible showing against the West, but they are still in a position to lock down the number four seed if they win out, or if they beat Miami and end up ahead of three of the four teams fighting for the west.
  • Win two Remaining games
  • Beat Miami and if WMU, and CMU each lose one of their two remaining games.
  • Beat Miami and end up in a tie with EMU and either CMU or WMU.
Miami: Like Buffalo the formula for Miami is easy, win their final two games. If Miami beats Buffalo but fails to beat Kent then they need Buffalo to lose to Ohio, a tie with the Bulls brings up Miami's two losses to Akron.
  • Win Both remaining games.
  • Buffalo loses both remaining games.