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MAC Conference Standings and Scenarios

2009-2010 MAC Standings
Seed TEAM Conf GB Remaining Games
1 Kent 10-3 - @BG,Mia,@Akr
2 Ball State @ 8-5 2 EMU, @TOL, @WMU
3 Akron 10-3 - Buff, @BG, Kent
4 Buffalo 8-5 2 @Akr, Ohio, @Miami
5 Miami (OH) 8-5 2 @Ohio, @Kent, Buff
6 CMU 7-6 3 @NIU, WMU, @EMU
7 EMU 7-6 4 @BSU, NIU, CMU
8 WMU 6-7 4 @TOL, @CMU, BSU
9 Bowling Green 6-7 4 Kent, Akron, @Ohio
10 Ohio 6-7 5 Mia, @Buff, BG
11 NIU 5-8 6 CMU, @EMU, TOL
12 Toledo 0-13 10 WMU, BSU, @NIU

@ West Winner Gets the Second Seed

For the Sake of sanity I am not going to get into the second Tier of Tie breakers because right now the rankings are too tight to know what things will look like in Two weeks. After the next set of conference games I will include the second tier of tie breaking. This is my first shot at doing this and as much as I was tempted to write a perl script to do the logic I decided that my time was better spent sleeping ;)

East Division Winner: Either Akron or Kent Win the East because they have a head to head and one win eliminates Buffalo. The team that wins the east will win first seed in the MAC. Currently Kent hold the tie breaker with an 87-70 win over Akron. If both teams win their next two games the winner of the final game will take the Conference.

West Division Winner: Ball has Split with CMU and is down on EMU so they can clinch the conference by Beating EMU and then beating either WMU or Toledo. Central Michigan Can Clinch by Winning out and if Ball State Drops two of its remaining games. EMU can Clinch beating Ball State and CMU and if Ball State loses to WMU/Toledo or EMU Wins out.

First Round Byes:

Kent and Akron: are guaranteed a first round by with a win in their last three games (which one of them will get because of the head to head). The loser of the head to head is guaranteed a bye if they win either of their other two remaining games or if the Winner of the Buffalo/Miami Game loses one of their remaining games.

The Winner of the West Division will get a bye: (See Above)

Buffalo can Buffalo Clinches a bye if:
1) They win out
2) Beat Miami and win one other game
3) Beat Miami and if Miami and CMU loses one other game

Miami: Can clinch a first round bye if:
1) They win out
2) They beat Buffalo and win one other game
3) They lose to Buffalo but win their other two, and Buffalo loses its other two

Ball State: Can clinch a first round bye if they win the west, or:
1) Ball State Beats CMU and EMU loses a game
2) Wins two games and CMU and EMU each lose a game

CMU: Can clinch a first round bye if they win the west, or:
1) They win out, Buffalo loses one game and Miami loses two games, and CMU beats EMU
2) They lose one game, Buffalo Loses two games, Miami loses three games, CMU beats EMU

EMU: Can clinch a first round bye if they win the west, or:
1) They Win out, Buffalo loses two games, Miami Loses two games, EMU Beats CMU