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I would't call it Karma but Irony can sting

Do good things and good things will happen to you.
Mouth off about Oregon and, well, you do the math.

In the most recent AQ Theater I ran took a few shots at the volume of legal and ethical problems at the University of Oregon, Well earlier that week it seems Junior defensive back Sherrod Lott was getting into legal trouble of his own.

The UB Spectrum first reported the story. Paul Vecchio of UB athletics confirmed that officers from the Amherst Police Department arrested Lott on the weekend of February 13. Stephen Martin, again of the spectrum, has again contacted the Amherst police and determined that Lott is accused of several serious crimes.
  • Unlawful imprisonment in the second degree
  • Criminal trespass in the second degree
  • Criminal mischief in the fourth degree
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Harassment in the second degree
Coach Quinn has said that he is handling the situation internally:
"We were made fully aware of a situation involving Sherrod Lott through our campus police. At this time, Sherrod has complied fully with all parties, shown great remorse over his actions, and has been reinstated as a student at UB following a campus disciplinary hearing. We are disappointed that he put himself into a situation that caused negative consequences for himself, his family and our football program." -- Jeff Quinn
Unlike the situation at Oregon Coach Quinn is not waiting for the legal process to complete before levying sanctions against Lott. He is rightfully trying to walk the fine line between rushing to judgement and going on with business as usual.
"Pending final legal proceedings, we anticipate Sherrod being cleared of all charges and we will consider fully reinstating him to our football program at that time"
Even if this is all a matter of somebody exaggerating their accusations against him or the Amherst police are being extra diligent in their charges the mere fact that Lott ended up in the back of a squad car most likely shows a serious failure in judgement on his part.