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Get to Know your UB Coaches: Coach Mike Daniels

UB Athletics was kind enough to make the coaching staff available for an interview with Bull Run. I set each coach five to ten questions and took questions from readers. Today the coaches started to send back their answers and rather than wait for them all I figured I would begin to publish the result to UB Nation.

Coach Mike Daniels UB Athletics Profile describes him as follows:

Mike Daniels also joins the UB staff from the University of Cincinnati, will coach the Bulls' running backs and serve as the team's academic liaison. He served as an assistant coach on the offensive staff and has an extensive football background both on and off the field. Daniels was a four-year letterwinner (2003-07) at Cincinnati as a wide receiver, running back and return man. He served as the team captain in 2007 and earned the Jim Kelly Spirit Award that same year. He was a multiple-year honoree on the Bearcats Academic Honor Roll en route to earning his bachelor's degree in criminal justice in 2007.

He considers going 12-0 and winning the Big East at Cincinnati as his proudest professional moment. The statement that reflects his life is: "faith, family and football – my three keys to life." He came to Buffalo because it "is a fine institution that offers great academics and is committed to performing at a high level athletically."

Bull Run: I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about a coach with just one year, as a general AC, taking over the Running Backs position but I have indirectly heard that several recruits, across many positions, thought very highly of you after a face to face meeting (So I am happily eating my words). What in your time at UC helped prepare you to take over a backfield and do you think your age is helping you relate to these recruits?
Coach Daniels: Yes technically I’ve been an GA for just one year, but I’ve been under Coach Quinn leadership in some capacity for three years. I’m very familiar with the offensive system, being that I played and coached in this high powered offense. At UC "Intensity through repetition" prepared me greatly for this position as the Running Backs coach, Coach Quinn challenged me thoroughly throughout the year. My ability to relate with recruits is a major plus, they feel very comfortable with me as a coach and mentor. It gives the young men something to strive for in life.
Bull Run: Aside from Maybe Coach Inge (linebackers) or possibly Coach Jones (Defensive Backs) you are inheriting the soundest position on UB's depth charts. Last season UB made use of no less than four starting backs (not counting Starks) all of whom had success at one point or another through the season. How well do these backs fit into the spread offense?
Coach Daniels: I feel very good about the running back situation here at UB. I have some good, experienced young men in my room. As a good offensive system, it’s our job to fit the offense around the talent that we have. I will challenge the running back unit daily, to be the best unit in the MAC. Here at UB we have the "Next Bull In" model, which mean every player on the team must be prepared to play. The best player who does the right things in the classroom, and on the field will play.

Bull Run: How much of you're recruiting at UC really translates to selling a mid major program to a prospective recruit?
Coach Daniels: No matter if it’s the MAC, Big East, or SEC you must sell kids on the same core values. Graduating and winning championships are very important to most families and recruits, so our recruiting strategy will be the same. We want to recruit the "RKG’s" the Right Kind of Guys. Guys who are willing to do everything right and be accountable for their actions.

Bull Run: In terms of a players tool set what, in your mind separates a good back in the spread from a good option back?
Coach Daniels: You have players who do some things good for example speed, power, agility, catching ability, etc. Good backs usually can do one or two of these things well, where as a great running back can blend all of them together and perform on a daily base.
Bull Run: What are your impressions of the Buffalo area and of the cultural difference between UB and UC?
Coach Daniels: I am very impressed with the campus here at UB. I didn’t know what to expect as I traveled here to UB, but once I got here to campus I was very happy and impressed. The academics here at UB are outstanding. The best part of the University is that we have so much room to grow as a program. The cultures between UB and UC are very similar, both are pro sports towns and both play good football at the collegiate level. I am very happy here at UB, I expect great things here.