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Another loss...

Does anyone attend the practices for the Bulls? Or know whats going on with them?

I feel like the only thing Reggie should do in practice is work on defense, and whipping the team into shape. This season went from a pretty promising one after the Akron win, to a complete train wreck with the 3rd loss to MAC West team.

I know at the beginning of the year I said that I knew we wouldn't be as good defensively as we were last year, but this is way more than I expected. I actually saw A-Rob in the hallway on campus on Tuesday. Said whats up cause we know each other, too bad I didn't have the time to ask him to try to get a 5th year of eligibility so he can teach this team how to play defense. Every game the opponent shoots over 50% from the field, and flat out lights us up from Smileys term "Beyond the Arc" because everyone collapses and leaves their man open for no reason at all. Its a common belief that if you don't know how to play defense well that you can make up for it with effort and hustle... well the Bulls know how to prove that statement wrong.

I hope that after one of these embarrassing losses a senior goes into the locker room and starts cursing his brains out to get it through the teams head, that this has to be the year. A ton of seniors who had to deal with not getting there last year, and the team next year is going to be awful should be plenty of motivation to kick some ass this year, but I don't think that is going to do it.

I also wonder if anyone from the team reads Bullrun or reads the posts about them UBfan. They do have people who are big fans, and there are a ton of people out there who care and want them to win. Maybe if someone from the team reads these fans sites they'll understand how disappointing they are actually playing this year, because whatever they have been trying to do over the past 3 weeks, just ain't working. So please, if there is any member from the team who reads any sort of fanblog, please comment so that we know you're paying attention to what those who support the team think about you.

I do have more to write about, but its nothing that people don't already know/see/feel
about the team. Bad defense...actually terrible defense. No one stepping in and taking control and whipping the team into the right direction. Reggie probably losing his job after this season. Umm...don't think I'm forgetting anything else.

Hopefully an easy win against Toledo (well what was once thought to be an easy win, but who knows if we keep them under 80) will be a good start to an end of the year push in the right direction.

The talent is there on this team. They don't have overwhelming athleticism to be a defensive force, but they do have what it takes to be a good/average defensive team. The offensive firepower is there too, hopefully Buffalo can right the ship before the season is completely loss. Go Bulls!!!