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2nd win in a row

For those who missed the game tonight vs Eastern Michigan (which I assume is a lot of people considering the attendance) you missed out on an extremely impressive performance by the Bulls. The 17 point victory displayed a versatile offense, and good defensive performance, and an energy by the players that hasn't been shown since the Akron win.

Defense- If you look at the stats they'll tell you that EMU shot 52% for the field. A stat like that usually says the Bulls played bad defense again, but if you really watched the game, they played a whole lot better everywhere on defense. EMU shot 6-8 from behind the arc in the first half, most of them really contested shots that just seemed to fall. Also, Bowdry just wouldn't seem to miss. No matter who played him, Bowdry was just an offensive beast for the 24 min he was in the game. He was hit turn-arounds,drives to the hoop, and was 6 for 6 from the free throw line. For the game Bowdry went 10 of 12 from the field!!! Luckily Buffalo followed my advice that I gave on UBfan and got Bowdry into foul trouble, making him miss a good part of the first half. Buffalo also forced 15 turnovers and just wouldn't let EMU's offense to get into any sort of offensive rhythm (except for when Bowdry took over). So if you look at the stats you may think that UB played bad defense, but it really was the opposite of that tonight.

Offense- The whole year I've been saying that the Bulls need to keep the big men out of trouble so they can use all of their skills on the offensive end. All of the 4 big men that count for this team had good games, and more importantly they all seemed extremely comfortable in the offense. Watt, T-bob, and Alston were all shifty around the hoop and scored in a variety of ways. I don't recall a single time when either of them let a good pass go through their hands when the were 3 feet away, and all 3 did a good job using the hoop the shield off defenders. The big men for UB put on a clinic on how to play in the post. They were athletic, went up strong every time, and all just looked like they finally had it together.

Watt- Boy has Watt come a long way since the beginning of the season. Over the last 5 games hes averaged about 9 points in only 16 minutes per game!!! Just imagine how much he would have scored if he had 20-22 min per game. Hes scoring with his back to the basket, driving to the hoop, and is even getting comfortable taking jumpers. Also, I know a dunk is worth the same 2 points as lay-ups, but boy is he finding ways to throw down. Mid-major big men don't dunk that often, and I'm not saying Watt dunks that much either, but boy has he been going up strong lately. He had the one dunk a few games ago on the pick and roll where he got fouled hammering one down, a few others in the other games, and just had 2 impressive slams tonight. UB hasn't had an exciting big man whose able to do that in a long time, and players like him can really bring the crowds to the game, and get them on their feet. Maybe hes coming around just in time for Cleveland.

UB vs Kent St preview coming up in a few days. In the meantime, tell everyone you know about the double header this Saturday. The men's game will be aired on ESPNU, and Courtney Brown has been named MAC East player of the week for the 4th week this season for the women. Shes an exciting and extremely good player to watch. The first 2,500 fans will get a free pink t-shirt, to support breast cancer awareness, so everyone has every reason to come out on Saturday. Go Bulls!!