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UB To play NIU

Let's try to steal one from the Huskies

Remember that cliff I was thinking about last week? Well UB is half way down. It's not about three straight losses, its not even about losing to BSU at home. It's about just how badly UB has been shooting and how well everyone who steps up to UB manages to shoot. Ball State is about the worst shooting team in the conference and they lit UB up like a Christmas tree, in our house before that Kent and Ohio treated us like a JV team.

UB needs this game, Witherspoon needs this game many UB fans, including myself have been content to let Coach ride out his contract after all 20+ wins and some post season play is hardly a reason to dismiss a MAC coach. But UB basketball, in good years and bad, has features streaky teams this streak is as bad as UB has looked in a 'good' year. This brings us to the Huskies...

At this point the '4 keys to winning graph' is useless because UB's terrible play of late is being averaged with solid play from the first three games, and some of the better play from earlier this season.

The one thing it does reveal is that NIU does not do a good job taking care of the Ball, if UB manages to shoot 45% this could be huge.

Mike Breese over at Red and Black Attack has a great preview from an NIU perspective.