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Time to take a slight road trip (part 1, Kent)

Hopefully this trip will go better than
the painfully bad Martin Lawrence movie

UB is in a place they have never been, 3-0 in conference play and they have arguably taken care of the two other teams most likely to win the East (Akron and Bowling Green). What remains before cross division play ensue is a road trip to Kent, and Athens for matches against two teams currently sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Division.

Should UB manage to win these games they can hit Western play with a 5-0 mark, huge for a team that punted away a game to the Jacksonville Dolphins less three weeks ago.

As much as I'm looking forward to an undefeated UB possibly facing down a perfect NIU in late January (a nice east west power showdown happens rarely in Basketball) MAC Road wins are always hard earned and record aside Kent it not all that bad a team. Bull Run's own Hoops Czar Brandon had them as his second best team in the pre season power rankings and their two conference losses are by a total of eight points. Miami needed overtime to beat them and Bowling Green was trailing until there was a scant 1:30 left on the clock. Out of conference play both teams beat Green Bay (The Flashes needed overtime).

So how does UB stack up against Kent?

NCAA Basketball

Buffalo shoots better and rebounds better but UB is a little more sloppy with the Ball. One thing that I think makes Kent a really dangerous team is how well the spread scoring around.

There is no one guy on Kent that you can Key on to shut them down, nine different guys have started a game and only two, Greene and Sherman, have started all 17 games. Along with Green and Sherman, Tyree Evans should also be a major concern he is averaging almost 18 points a game in conference play.

UB is going to have to do a better job taking care of the ball to control this game, they are stronger shooters and better on the boards but none of that matters when you hand over the ball. The other thing UB should take away form the Akron game is the benefit of your opponent getting into foul trouble before you do. While UB ended the game in as much, if not more, trouble than the zips the early trouble Akron had in the first half was a huge factor.