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Time to own up to my picks, being homer killed me!

Inspired by BJ over at Falcon Blog I am going to own up to my predictions


I was much more comfortable with this game before Starks went down. Basically I think the 3-3-5 would have been owned with a half back that is as good out of the backfield as starks. Without him its going to be a much bigger challenge but I still think UB comes out on top

The first of many UB games to come down to the last minute. UB looked very solid in everything except 4th quarter defense

Week 2: Pitt, Loss CORRECT

I don't think even if we had starks this is a win, Pitt is just too deep a team. The Bulls do have an outside shot here but they would have to play a flawless game to beat the Panthers and I don't see that happening two games into a new QB, System, and Halfback.

Like I said Buffalo needed a flawless game and five turnovers, against a team like Pitt, is not flawless enough to win


The UCF offense will not have an answer for our defensive backs as UB will win a close defensive game, Maynard grows up a lot this week.

The team completely fell apart in the late third giving up a game they had owned to that point.

Week 4: Temple, Win INCORRECT

Maybe its the homer in me but I think this game is just as winnable as last years or the year before. Temple's d-line in going to be really green (to match our green OL). A win here, in our first conference game, does a lot towards setting the MAC East pace.

Well it was the homer in me Temple completely outclassed Buffalo in the only conference game UB was never in

Week 5: CMU, Loss CORRECT

Last year UB caught the Chips napping, I don't expect that to happen again this year. CMU probably the best offense in the conference and a defense experienced enough to hold us in check.

UB Played a very solid game against the Chips, this game was the debut of Ike Nduka as a star back.

Week 6: Gardner-Webb, Win CORRECT

Despite the fact ESPN listed this as an upset possibility at 2-2 UB is going to come in hungry for this game. GW is a mid level FCS team and the UB program has moved beyond that level of play.

UB is above losing these game's, this one was even worse than the score indicated

Week 7: Akron, Win CORRECT

We wont need four overtimes this year, by this point in the season the offense will be clicking, and the DL will be spending a lot of time in the backfield. The Akron defense wont have an answer for Roosevelt.

We closer than I thought it would be, the Bulls gave Akron every chance to win this... But the zips kept giving back.

Week 8: WMU, Loss CORRECT

Hiller and the Broncos are going to be too much for UB, especially on the road. I'd love to say we can upset them but WMU in addition to being talented plays a very consistent game.

Well Hiller and the Broncos had a bad year, though they were good enough to knock off the Bulls in OT.

Week 9: Bowling Green, Win INCORRECT

Maybe another homer pick, on the road we don't win this game but at home I think we best the Falcons. The improved UB defense is not something they are expecting. For the second year in a row the team that walks away from this game with a win will have the division squarely in their sights.

UB Squandered a chance to really take it to the Falcons late in the first and as it would turn out, if they had tried to drive 40-50 yards in two minutes with three timeout the field goal would have been enough.

Week 10: Ohio, Win INCORRECT

Final home game of the year and one which will go along way towards winning the East. The Ohio Offense will be stuffed by our D and Brandon Thermilus will control the pace of the game.

Second week in a row that UB let one slip away which they should have won, I thought this was the loss that would Keep Gill in Buffalo another year... Whoops..

Week 11: Miami, Win CORRECT

In another year or two Miami is going to be a MAC world beater again, but this is not their year. UB should cruise on this one.

Miami had a season which was worse than I expected, but I still think they are a year or two away from contention

Week 12: Kent, Loss INCORRECT

I think UB gets side swiped by Kent, again. By this point they may have the division locked down and the bowl talk will become a major distraction. If things are locked up look for the Bulls to sport a very vanilla offense and defense trying mainly not to get hurt.

I normally like low scoring games, but not when its through offensive ineptitude..

So I have them at (8-4, 5-3) If they lose my homer picks (6-6, 3-5). If the Bulls are done with the injury bug this year they can easily take the east but there are only so many more losses they can absorb.

If I had avoided the homer picks I would have done really well, instead I ended up a respectable 7-5. If I had ignored my inner Bull Fan I would have been 9-3...