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Sunday Coaching Updates, Part Two..

Per Football Scoop: "FootballScoop has learned that Cincinnati staff associate Marty Spieler will be joining the Buffalo staff along with William Inge and Earnest Jones. "

We have known about Inge for more than a week but Jones and Spieler are news. Not huge moves, and I don't know in what capacity they will be serving on Quinn's team in Buffalo.

Marty Spieler has been a defensive coaching intern at the University of Cincinnati for two years. The Cincinnati native played at Allegheny College. After Allegheny he served as a graduate assistant for the Georgia Southern Eagles. His degree from that institution is in kinesiology with an emphasis in sports psychology.

After the completion of his degree he returned to Allegheny where he was the Offensive Tackles and Tight Ends Coach.

Earnest Jones has been serving as the Director of Player Services for the Bearcats but does have experience as a head coach (Alcorn State 2008). At UC Jones "worked directly with UC's student-athletes, providing guidance and counseling while ensuring they are adhering to the five core principles of head coach Brian Kelly's football program, regarding intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, and skill development."

If his job at UB does not fall along the same lines (i.e. if he comes in as a position coach) it's likely he will end up working with UB's running backs. He served in that capacity for Brian Kelly at Central Michigan in 2006 and at the University of Cincinnati in 2007.

While He will probably either end up helping to guide player with the players also has experience as a defensive coach. He was the defensive backs coach for CMU in 2005 and had been the defensive coordinator at Oberlin College in 2004.

Jones's coaching career has not been without controversy, he did not leave Alcorn State due to on the field success or failure. Instead he was fired for "malfeasance and contumacious conduct."

In defense of Jones, Alcorn's main beef with him was that when the university dismissed his assistants without either asking, or telling him he threatened to sue. The University did reinstate the coaches but then went after Jones. It's hard to fault him too much for being disobedient to the AD if the AD, who started months after Jones, started to arbitrarily fire his staff.