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Next Bull out, and the next, and the next.

These are all rumors from Scout Forums so take them with a massive grain of salt!

Who would have thought that the departure of Zach Maynard would be the high water mark for UB football last week. I know many think that there is a big drop off between Maynard and Davis but I don't see it. Davis has a sweet release, a nice touch, and an accurate arm (sound like a recent UB quarterback to anyone else?). Losing Maynard was no big deal but losing some of the recruits in what was the best Class UB has ever seen is far more worrying.
  • Firstly Comes word that James Potts is still shopping. He will probably either be going to Vandy or one of the schools he is visiting this week. This is a *huge* loss as Potts was easily in the top three recruits coming in this season.
  • Then there was word that local recruit James Gaines is looking at Miami(FL), and will probably commit their this week.
The 'why' question has not, and likely will never be, adequately answered. Are some of the bigger name recruits leaving because of Quinn the personality or Quinn the offensive architect. Much of this could just be because Gill's offensive system and coaching style are so different than Quinn's, a James Potts might not fit so well into the spread. but if this is because Quinn can not engender the trust of Gill's former recruits then questions about how he relates to the players already here become pretty serious.

On the flip side Quinn was spotted this week with a a large group of recruits at Dave and Busters (where UBfaithful assemble to watch road games). If Quinn can bring in people who are a better fit for his offense, quickly, it might soften the blow of losing a talent like Potts. There are still a few quality sleepers left to get.