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New Director of Sports Performance

This one slipped under my radar, hat's off to the guys at UBFan for catching it..
Zach Duval, who has been the director of athletic performance at Creighton as well as the school's head strength and conditioning coach since last spring, has left the university to accept a similar post at the University of Buffalo. -- Omaha.Com (Steven Pivovar)
He will also be bringing along his assistant Jacob Talcott at the end of the month. His is thought highly off among Creighton coaches, having this position filled, finally, just as spring ball starts to get rolling is a huge plus for the program.

Duval, originally Nebraska, has earned his Exercise Science degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He joined the University of Nebraska's 1994 a the Performance Clinic Coordinator and Assistant Football Strength Coach for Nebraska. During his work at Nebraska he has trained
  • 2 Football Championships
  • 1 Volleyball Championship
  • 2 Olympic Gold Medal Winners
  • 1 Heisman Trophy Winner
At the very least this is someone who is able to work with world class athletes, from the outside it looks as if this is a nice fit for UB.