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Morning coaching update

UB Athletics is starting to fix up their coaching page for the football team so far it has confirmed several of the hires mentioned on football scoop, but it does not confirm who is serving at what position.

The biggest gap between the rumors out there and what is confirmed on the page would be the hire of Greg Forrest. At the time his name first came up I was pretty excited at his background and the possibility of him calling the shots at UB.
The Bull's new coach has, at one time or another, coached every offensive skill position (and has done so at schools that have won championships). If there is a downside to Coach Forest it may be his lack of work with the Offensive line but given his wrestling background and his long relationship with Quinn I don't think UB's linemen will be under coached.
Despite not seeing Coach Forest's name up on the ubathletics site the news is not all bad. UB has hired on Mike Daniels from the Cincinnati staff, the former Bearcat wide receiver, return man, and running back has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from UC in 2007. He is working towards his master's degree in criminal justice at UC.

Not exactly what you expect in a degree for a potential coach but Jimmy Johnson's degree is psychology, Marv Levy's is in English Literature. 2009 was his first season on the staff of the UC football team (Daniels assisted the offensive staff in all aspects on and off the field) but he had worked, previously, with the UCAlumni Association as a program coordinator handling major events, student outreach, and alumni programs in the Cincinnati region.

I have added a coaching staff update list to the sidebar with coaches on, or rumored to be on the UB staff. Right now the only unconfirmed rumor is Forest.