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Maynard leaves the UB Football Program

I had someone close to the program send me an email last week telling me that Maynard was extremely unhappy with the new coaching staff. While, thankfully, I was spared the specifics as to weather it was the coaches or the offensive system they wanted to be put into place I was told that it was likely that Maynard was going to transfer. Without specifics, or first hand knowledge from anyone on the team/staff, I decided to keep my mouth shut as rumor mongering is something I find contemptible. But sadly, today, UB announced Maynard will seek his future elsewhere.

Today that became a reality:
"I'm very disappointed in Zach's decision to leave our program prior to getting to know our coaching staff," said head coach Jeff Quinn. "That being said, we are only interested in guys that are passionate about being a Buffalo Bull in our football family. In line with our "Next Bull In" philosophy, we will not let this deter us from our goal of playing for championships." -- UBAthletics via the UB Spectrum
A couple of notes:

Firstly: This is a nice thought 'next Bull in' but we now lose our top three receivers (Throwing Rack in as a receiver) and the only QB on the roster with meaningful snaps. Coach Forest has his work cut out for him but the Bulls may be able to weather this. UB was already very deep (talent wise) at QB and with Rudy Johnson coming in I don't think we will suffer too much, Maynard was not an ideal spread QB but he was the best athlete we had at the QB position, ever.

Secondly: While I think all Quinn could responsibly say is 'Next Bull In' it does down play how serious this loss may end up being.

Thirdly: Thanks Zach Maynard for taking a chance on UB, a school that took a chance on you. While it would have been great to see how you adapted to the spread and Quinn's style your first concern has to be for your future. I don't think too many Bulls fans are going to hold it against you for moving on if it is what is best academically, professionally, and personally. Students transfer all the time for many reasons. So Zach, unless you head to another MAC school I wish you good luck with your future football career.