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Kan't beat Kent

I could have picked any Bull but Pierce is THe on court leader

Too much sorry play to go into it, hopefully whatever the team had hanging over them was beaten out by the Flashes. For awhile in the First UB made a good run at making this a game but after closing to 26-24 late in the first the team fell apart and never really recovered.

2:52 24-26 Calvin Betts made Two Point Layup.
2:37 24-26 Foul on Rodney Pierce
2:37 24-27 Chris Singletary made Free Throw.
2:37 24-28 Chris Singletary made Free Throw.
2:26 24-28 Foul on Justin Greene
2:26 24-28 Max Boudreau missed Free Throw.
2:26 24-28 Tyree Evans Defensive Rebound.
2:02 24-30 Rodriquez Sherman made Two Point Layup.
1:56 24-30 Rodney Pierce missed Two Point Jumper.
1:56 24-30 Anthony Simpson Defensive Rebound.
1:49 24-30 Tyree Evans missed Three Point Jumper.
1:49 24-30 Chris Singletary Offensive Rebound.
1:42 24-30 Justin Greene missed Two Point Layup.
1:41 24-30 Chris Singletary Offensive Rebound.
1:40 24-32 Justin Greene made Two Point Layup.
1:10 24-32 Dave Barnett Turnover.
0:56 24-34 Chris Singletary made Two Point Layup.
0:56 24-34 Foul on Calvin Betts
0:56 24-34 Chris Singletary missed Free Throw.
0:56 24-34 Max Boudreau Defensive Rebound.
0:39 24-34 John Boyer missed Three Point Jumper.
0:39 24-34 Rodriquez Sherman Defensive Rebound.
0:03 24-34 Mike McKee missed Three Point Jumper.

In the last 2:52 the Bulls were outscored 8-0, Turned the ball over, missed several shots, managed only one defensive rebound turned the ball over, fouled the other team, ran under a ladder, broke a mirror, and had several balck cats cross their path. They never recovered. UB did not one thing right for the last 18 minutes of this game.

Aside from getting beaten like a cheap rug the failure of Coach Witherspoon to see the writing on the wall with ten minutes left and give 'meaningful' minutes to some guys who don't usually see them was another disappointment. Barnett, Filzen, Watson, and Laleye saw only a total of 29 minutes between them. What was Coach thinking? you're down 20+ points with nine minutes left and no UB starter could hit the broad side of a barn why not just clear the bench.

What's next for UB? Shaking off a night when they played way below themselves and prep for Ohio. In the mean time they have to figure out a way to let Pierce have an off night and still compete, its not fair to put the entire team on him and expect 20-30 points a night.