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Impressive win to start conference play

The few UB students that already back to school to watch the Bulls in action probably witnessed their best played game of the year.

The Bulls were impressive on offense and defense to start the game, allowing Miami to only score one point in through the first 5 minutes of the game. The energy caused early Miami turnovers, forced them into tough shots, and authoritative block by Boudreau, and it just seemed from the start that there was no chance for Buffalo to lose today.
Eight different players scored for the Bulls in the first 12 minutes of the game, and did it in a variety of ways. Watt was the only person who got into foul trouble in the first half, but besides that everyone was available for Reggies disposal throughout the rest of the game. As ridiculous as it may sound, the 24-7 lead seemed too good to be true, and turned out to be the reason for the comeback by the Redhawks. The Bulls were playing so well that the crowd and student section seemed to not cheer for the rest of the half, and spent all of their energy observing the Redhawk bench and making fun of Charlie Coles. The lack of energy from the crowd seemed to get to the Bulls, causing them to be lackadaisical for the rest of the half and through the first media timeout of the second half. Miami was able to cut the lead to 3 at this point, making the Bulls realize they should probably start playing again, and seemed to play almost flawless for the rest of the game.

As a fan, I seemed slightly disappointed that the Bulls played such a good game when there wasn't too many people in attendance, instead of using it on a game where there is enough students to show good this team can be. Miami's tough schedule allowed me to see them on tv really often, and to be completely honest Buffalo handled them better than Kentucky, Dayton,and Cincinnati to a point where they actually dominated a team that powerhouse schools weren't able to do. A few too many forced/unbalanced shots was completely overshadowed by Buffalo overall dominate performance.
Reggie said it may not have been the Bulls best game of the year, but personally I haven't felt more confident about this team after any other game this season. The crowd was into it, the comments directed towards the Redhawk bench were unique and hysterical, the Bulls played extremely well, the only thing that can make this day better in terms of sports would be for my cowboys to finally pull through tonight (And I feel like I definitely just lost a handful of fans with that comment haha). Don't worry Christina, this day still sucks since I wont be able to see you for a while, but you know that during college bball season Buffalo is my priority.

Posts on non-conference performance coming soon...