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Coaching News: UB Interviews Jappy Oliver

Take this with a grain of salt

Football Scoop is reporting that Former Notre Dame Defensive line coach Jappy Oliver has been interviewed to replace Coach Brian Mohnsen as UB's offensive line coach. Coach Moose was one of two coaches who I really wanted to remain, the other being Juan Taylor, but all indications are that Coach Quinn has decided to move the defensive line in a new direction.

Anyone unfamiliar with Jappy Oliver has a great excuse, in more than twenty five of coaching he has never been a head coach, or unit coordinator. Even when he coached at his former high school he was a positional coach. If Quinn was bringing him in as the defensive coordinator (spot still open) this would really concern me but if he is coming in as the DL coach his resume is one of the deepest and best you could find.

  • Notre Dame, Defensive Line 05-08
  • South Carolina, Defensive Line 03/04
  • Air Force, Defensive Line 1995-2002
  • Vanderbilt, Linebackers 94 & Defensive Line 91-93
  • Western Illinois, Inside Linebackers 89/90
  • GVSU, Defensive Line 88
  • Navy, Defensive Line 84-86
  • North Western, Outside Linebackers 83
  • EMU Running Backs 81 & Wide outs 82
Many of these teams had great success on their defensive line while Coach Oliver was at the helm Notre Dames fall of in 2009 also speaks to his role in what had been a solid Irish defense in previous years. While mainly working with the Defensive lines he also has four years experience as a line backers coach so I am sure he and Inge can speak the same language.


Confirmed, not just interviewed but hired...