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3rd straight conference loss...

Well, idk what to say, so ill just keep it short and sweet...

got outrebounded...again

only drew 16 fouls the whole game (shocker)

assisted on 6 more buckets than Ball State did (and they still scored more than us)

Kambi Laleye- 3 min, 2 fouls
Mitchell Watt- 4 min, 3 fouls

Pierce, Boyer, Smiley- 0-5 from the charity stripe (choose your poison. Be mad because they were 0-5, or be mad bc the 3 of them together only took 5 foul shots. Personally im more pissed bout only taking 5 free throws, but can be just as bad bout shooting 0% from there)

ummmm, what else?

crowd had no interest, at all.
its like a vicious circle, the team plays uninspired bc they fans aren't doing anything, the fans are uninspired bc the Bulls aren't doing anything.

We only had 6 turnovers!!!! thats a good sign, and we forced 25 of them...

oh wait, even with that we still lost. awesome.

everyone picked up dumb fouls, but thats not a surprise.

ok, thats enough. Maybe they'll turn it around saturday, but even if they do, fan support will be pretty non-existent after todays performance.

BU-FF-A....all the enthusiasm in that chant stops about there, so I will too.