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Victory over Green Bay

6-3 with an RPI in the 40's isn't too bad considering how everyone thought our non-conference schedule was so weak. The victory over Green Bay really marks us as a good mid-major team, despite what the pollsters may think.

I was unable to watch the actual game, and was having a hard time following it since the radio and the live stats I was checking were not in sync, and the radio had a lot of problems with their feed. But from what I can see, the bulls were struggling early, and were down by i think 9 or 10 late in the first half. The Bulls had a little bit of foul trouble and couldn't seem to get a lineup out there that they felt confident in, or could find any rhythm. Somehow they decided to start to click and held a 1 point lead at the end of the half, which is extremely shocking since it seemed they were doomed to lose from the opening posses ion. Pierce, Boyer, and Betts all put in a lot of minutes and as a team the Bulls only had 11 turnovers (something unseen this year). Barnett had a total of 9 points shooting 4 for 4 from the floor, and looks like hes starting to transition a productive swingman and a very good defensive player. I'm shocked Kambi was our main big man off the bench this game, and as much as I want to criticize that, it ended up helping us get the victory.

I think this victory showed a lot to the Bulls, and their fans. It showed that our 3 main guards can play a lot of minutes and still pull away with the victory without getting tired. It showed that we still have a balanced attack (I know Pierce had 29 points himself) but it shows that we can win on nights where he does score a lot, as well as when he doesn't put up big numbers. Betts is finally back to the the form he was early last year when he seems to do everything possible. 8 points, 7 boards, 4 assists, 3 steals, a block, and play a bunch of positions defensively. One thing I think was big was that even though Boudreau was struggling throughout the game, the team still fed him in the post on a very late/key possession of the game. He ended up getting a back-to-the-basket bucket and got fouled on the biggest possession of the game. I know a 6 point victory doesn't seem like anything special, but for a team that used to struggle on the road to now be 4-1 away from alumni is big. Any road victory is a good victory...the fact that it was over a team who already beat a ranked opponent makes it even more special.