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UB All MAC Players

Last year this seemed so much less important. Maybe it was because we were getting pumped up for what would be UB's first ever MAC Championship, maybe it was because we were guaranteed a bowl, maybe it was the Ball State fans talking trash about our program. Still last season I could care less who got All-MAC let alone what team they were on. This year the UB fan in me has way more time on his hands.

UB First Team All-Mac Selections

Naaman Roosevelt (First Team Wide Receiver) Had just shy of one thousand yards despite missing the last two games of the season, Give him those two games and he is probably #2 in the conference (nobody was catching Barnes this season). He was number two in the conference in Touchdown receptions, Number three in yards per game and yards per reception.

This is the third time Roosevelt has been selected to the team and the second consecutive year he has been a first team selection.

Jessie Rack (First Team Tight End) Jessie Rack led all MAC tight ends in receptions, yards, yards per catch, touchdowns, and pretty much any measurable stat a tight end can have. The hands Rack displayed will hopefully earn him a spot at an NFL combine.


Rack had a fair amount of work last season (for a tight end) but his surge this season took pressure off of the receivers and Zach Maynard. In my opinion this is probably the second or third biggest loss UB has going into next year

Davonte Shannon (First Team Defensive Back): Shannon has been a first team All MAC player every season he has been at UB. Shannon was 4th among defensive back in total tackles (while leading UB).

In addition to tackles he led UB in tackles for Loss and Interceptions. Three times this season Shannon had games with ten or more tackles, he has a forced Fumble, a pair of Quarterback hurries, and several broken up passes. Basically Shannon moves all over the field, and make an impact where ends up standing.

UB Second Team All-Mac Selections

Peter Bittner (Second Team Offensive Lineman) For the third straight year UB has put an offensive lineman on the ALL Mac Team, this year its Bittner. To understand just why he deserves to be on the all MAC team (first team IMHO) all you have to do is look at the offensive production. Weather on the ground or in the air UB managed, most games, to move the ball with great ease.
Considering the number of injuries the the O-Line suffered and the fact that Bittner was one of the few players to play in all 12 games Bittners job of holding the line together speaks of his play and his leadership.

Mike Newton (Second Team Defensive Back): This is a guy we are really going to miss next season. It's his season year on the All Mac Team and rightfully so. He is seventh among MAC defensive backs in tackles he adds eight broken up passes, two fumble recoveries, and a pair of interceptions.

His leadership over the past few years has been crucial to the rise of the UB program and its between Him, Hamlin, and Rack as to who is the second biggest loss this season.

UB Thirs Team All-Mac Selections

Brett Hamlin (Third Team Wide Receiver): I am, under protest, going to refer to him as a third team selection but whoever put together that list is clearly mentally deficient. Hamlin is a clear second team selection but for some reason (who knows) The Texas Versus The Nation bound Senior is put on the third team. So what was it that kept him from the second team?
  • Was it being sixth in the conference in yards?
  • Was it being third among the top ten receivers in yards per catch?
  • Was it the numerous circus catches?
  • Was it being eighth in the conference in receptions per game?
No it was, likely, the fact that he played with two touchdown magnets (Roosevelt and Rack). Put Hamlin on most other MAC Teams (save maybe CMU, Bowling Green, and Toledo) and he is the main guy, pulls in 1K yards, and somewhere between 6-12 touchdowns.