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Three New Commits for UB

Losing David Fluellen, a local talent, was a hard hit last week. While UB has certainly got a nice half back in Potts losing Fluellen brought us to the point where UB hat no commits from the Buffalo Niagara Regions. Today that was remedied when the Buffalo News revealed two members of the All Western New York Team committed to Buffalo.

ALL Recruits

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James Gaines is a linebacker out of Canisius High school. The 6-2, 200 pound senior had 108 tackles this season in the Griffs hunt for the AA league title. In addition to being a solid linebacker Gaines played well at Tight End and was a starter on the Griffs Basketball team. This is the kind of Guy Gill can do damage with, he is good at his position but is clearly athletic enough to fit somewhere else if needed.
"He does everything at 100 percent. He understands how to get ready to play football," -- coach Brandon Harris
Not to be outdone by their pier school Saint Francis is also sending a recruit UB's way. Adam Redden is a six foot one defensive back who has seven career Fumble Recoveries (a St Frannie's Record) . One of the things the UB defense had going for it in 2008, and was missing in 2009, was ball presence. This is a guy who reacts quickly when the ball hits the turf. Redden has also played wall at receiver (and 6-1 is not a bad height for a wide out)

ESPN has Redden listed as an Athlete and scored a 71:
Redden is an intriguing prospect to evaluate as he is a two-way standout at the high school level at both outside linebacker and receiver. Has a longer, angular body that actually looks a bit taller than his listed measurables. Is very well-defined, deceptively strong and could fill out -- ESPN
Finally there is a Kicker out of the New York Metro Area, Several folks on have said that John Molloy has committed to Buffalo. I have not seen anything from Rivals or Scout on his commitment (or even interest) in Buffalo but for now he goes on the map. His higlight film is nice and UB will need a kicker when AJ graduates next year.

I've not seen the folks at UBFan ever confirm a commit when there was not, in fact, a commitment so even though I cant find an article on it I am going to throw him on the map...
-- Update to his scout profile has been updated, nice get for our special Teams..