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Sometimes you feel like a Nutt

Sometimes you don't...

Well Houston Nutt has killed any speculation that he was gunning for the KU job. According to ESPN The Ole' Miss couch "appreciates the interest Kansas showed in our staff" but he is not going to make the jump to a school obsessed with basketball for a potentially embattled AD who would likely offer him only a modest raise (if any). Ok I put that last part in but I am pretty sure all those things are playing into Nutt's decision.

So the twelve joyful hours when somebody would mention the KU job without starting by saying "So any word on the Gill interview". Right now even though Gill is not wish list number one (that's still Harbaugh but there is no news on the front).

A good place to gauge where KU fans are coming from (means absolutely nothing but it is nice to know) is over at oreadboomkings.