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Slightly Off Topic... BCS, run by Dewey Cheatum and Howe

In the words of Token, "I'm out"

I have, for some time, been in the minority of fans who are/were opposed to a college playoff system. It's not so much that I wholly drank the cool-aid but I did see value in the long running environment created by each and every bowl game having its own unique identity. I had bought into a lot of the crap coming out of the BCS folks about tradition and scheduling being too important to risk changing up college football landscape. Then Selection night 2009 went by and now, finally, I've had it. There is little doubt that for many on the playoff/BCS fence tonight will be the last straw.

Maybe it's the fact I am already pissed that another BCS school is eyeing Gill, maybe its the fact that Texas should have lost last night, or maybe its the fact that the squadron of pig lovers (seriously fighting the urge to curse) known as the BCS have taken what should have been a banner year for the Non-AQ schools and set up a quaint little scenario where not of it's spoiled little princesses will have to risk getting demolished by some pesky usurper.

The phrase coined by Andy Staples is the 'Separate but Equal' bowl, what pathetic is that its so on the mark that it does not qualify as satire. The natural match ups were Cincinnati and TCU (undefeated) with Boise Playing either Florida or Georgia Tech. But the prospect of not one, but two, party crashers coming in and stealing the spotlight is was just too much to bear for the AQ conference commissioners or the selection committees.

With Texas barely surviving last night the BCS had a real chance to save face. Texas Versus Alabama in the championship game (#1 and #2) and TCU versus Cincinnati (#3 versus #4). Instead they set up a bowl rematch, though in all fairness I'm pretty sure that nobody selecting Bowls bothered to watch any of the non BCS bowls last season so maybe they did not know that this dance had been done rather recently.

If the Bowl Championship Series managed to FUBAR this year so very very badly perhaps, sadly, we need a playoff system to keep them honest.