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Second UB Coaching Staff slot filled

File this under the 'pretty nice if true' category but football coaching scoop is reporting that Greg Forest will be brought onto Jeff Quinn's Staff as the new Buffalo Offensive Coordinator. This is a promotion for Forest who had severed under Quinn and Kelly in one capacity or another for sixteen years going all the way back to Grand Valley State University.

With Brian Kelly tapping former EMU coach Jeff Genyk as his Offensive Coordinator Bringing Forest to Buffalo became a natural move for Jeff Quinn. UB now has its second assistant coach (earlier this week Bill Inge became the linebackers coach.)

If this is true Danny Barret will likely not have a place on the next UB coaching staff (football coach scoop is the outlet that said Harbaugh was the guy at KU so take this whole thing with a massive grain of salt). Barrett may be the lead candidate for the opening at Toronto given his extensive background in the CFL.

Forest looks to be a nice find, albeit one whose name is not well known. At GVSU he coached wide receivers for eleven years, producing three All Americans and one NFL player (David Kircus). When he moved onto CMU he inherited responsibility for the running backs, in that capacity he helped Ontario Sneed become one of the better, if underutilized, backs in the MAC.

Upon arriving at Cincinnati he coached Tight Ends as an assistant to Quinn before going on to be named the quarterbacks coach in 2007. A position he held for the past two seasons while working with Tony Pike and Zach Collaros.

The Bull's new coach has, at one time or another, coached every offensive skill position (and has done so at schools that have won championships). If there is a downside to Coach Forest it may be his lack of work with the Offensive line but given his wrestling background and his long relationship with Quinn I don't think UB's linemen will be under coached.