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Rumors about gill from WGR and Topeka-Capital Journal report

A lot is floating around the web today about Gill and KU. The Topeka Capital Journal has, probably the most damning information in an email from a UB player.
"The only thing that he has said to us is that he did interview for the position on Sunday and that it would be a great opportunity for him and, more importantly, his family," a UB player told the publication. "And it doesn't mean that he is abandoning us or that he dislikes Buffalo or anything of that sort. But until he gets word back from (Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins), a lot of it is out of his hands; he can only put his name in for the running. It's up to (Perkins) in the end to see if he is a good fit." -- Unnamed UB Player to the TCJ
UB fans have known for some time that the biggest hurdle for an institution to clear for Turner Gill was the wife and family hurdle. Coach Gill has said several times that any move won't happen unless it was a good fit for him as a coach and a great fit for his wife and kids. If unnamed UB player is correct Turner Gills Daughter being at KU is a huge factor.

The only really good news is that we should know soon, the longer this drags on the more its going to impact recruiting and, potentially, the hunt for a new coach.