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Potential Coach: Get to know Scot Loeffler

Usually when you have the following phrase on your resume you won't be up for too may head coaching jobs in 2009/2010:

"2008 Detroit Lions Position Coach"

Still there is more to Scot Loeffler than his stint with the NFC Norths perennial short bus. The Michigan Grad has made a career of bringing up star quarterbacks and is very adept at the West Coast Offense. His stay with the lions was a shot holdover before Urban Myer and the Gators came calling.

Florida is one of those teams who's coaches are always in demand and like Erik Campbell many mid majors are just hoping that being in the orbit of a program like Florida, and success as a position coach, is enough to move a mid major in the right direction.

* * *

Loeffler spent four years as a backup quarterback for the Wolverines (1996-1996) before a shoulder injury ended his career and he became a student assistant for Michigan. Between 1996 and 1999 he served as a student/graduate assistant coach and mentored Tom Brady and Brian Griese.

In 2000 he became the quarterbacks coach for the Central Michigan Chippawa's, a position which he held until he returned to Michigan in 2002. The Quarterbacks he coached during his tenure (including Chad Henne) threw for 142 touchdowns and just 44 interceptions.

In 2008 he took a a job coaching quarterback with the Detroit Lions, before jumping on board with the Florida Gators.

The Positives for Loeffler
  • Michigan Ties for recruiting
  • Solid player development and recruiting record
  • Bowl Experience (7 Bowls Coached, 4 BCS Bowls)
  • Ties, albeit thin, to the Florida schools Gill has developed
The Negatives for Loeffler
  • No experience as a coordinator or head coach
  • Coaching experience limited to Quarterbacks
Would the be a good hire for UB?

Like Campbell this is another guy who may be a great coach some day but it would be a gamble that Buffalo does not have to take to hand him the keys to the car. UB is now dealing from a stronger position than they were 4 years ago and they need to bring in someone who has more experience as a signal caller, recruiter, and decision maker than Loeffler has.

Like Campbell I would be thrilled if, in the even Barrett becomes the head coach, Loeffler received some attention for the offensive coordinator job.