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More Names for the KU Job

Apparently Kansas is not happy with a mid major coach, they have already interviewed Gill and Skip Holtz but the most flashy names to date appeared in the Kansas Star online.
"Kansas is a good program, It’s in a conference that you can compete in. It’s really come leaps and bounds over the last few years, going to the Orange Bowl a couple years ago. Obviously, Kansas has made a reputation in basketball, and that’s great. But I think that can just help the football program. You can win in both sports." -- Tommy Tuberville
This was not just idle praise from a man who has been around some of the bigger programs in College Football.
Former Auburn and Ole Miss football coach Tommy Tuberville would like to hear from Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins about the open KU job, Tuberville told The Star on Thursday. -- J. Brady McCollough