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Montana can get top 25 votes but TCU gets no 1st place votes

That Wacky AP... Nobody gave TCU get a vote for first place (two fewer than the Long second Long horns) but someone wasted a ballot on *MONTANA* who while undefeated is not even an FBS team.

Congratulations to Montana, they have been tearing through the competition and as far as I know (back to 2007 when FCS teams became eligible) no FCS school has gotten votes this late in the season. Still how in the heck does a press core junkie take the time to notice Montana and yet shaft TCU?

For an FCS team to be eligible they are supposed to have to played at least one FBS team yet there is no team on the Grizzly's schedule. Still why let the details get in the way, at least whoever voted for Montana also helped make sure two big six conference teams made it to the championship game.