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Mac Blogger Pick'em - Bowl Edition

Well everyone held serve last week, I was very tempted to pick Ohio just to make up ground but every time I do that I get hammered, badly. So There is nothing left to pick but the bowls. I have a guest picker coming on board for the blogs, hopefully they will hang around next season. I also would like to invite any MAC blog to pick for the bowl games.

You're probably doing it anyway right? so why not match with your fellow conference blogs? Here is what you're up against.

Blog Record Conf %
Let's Go Rockets 80-25 41-13 .762
The MAC Daily 75-24 38-11 .756
FireUpChips 40-13 34-10 .755
Falcon Blog 58-19 40-14 .753
Van Delay 79-26 42-12 .752
Bull Run 76-29 40-14 .724
Red&Black Attack 59-40 24-24 .596

The MAC bloggers participating are:

Buffalo - Bull Run
Northern Illinois - Red And Black Attack
Toledo - Midnight Blue and Gold
Bowling Green - Falcon Blog
Central Michigan - Fire Up Chips
Temple - The Owls Nest *
All MAC - The MAC Daily
All MAC - VanDelay

All picks are can be changed right up until Kickoff. Injuries and coaching changes *cough* Jones *cough*, and the fact I don't even know Temples foe yet *cough* UCLA *cough* require such flexibility.

Ohio TEM Idaho USF CMU


Ohio TEM Idaho USF CMU

Ohio TEM Idaho USF CMU