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Jeff Veinotte 2008-2009 Highlights

This is the first film I have seen on him, he has very good size but plays even bigger than that.

0:58 Look at how he flattens someone about one minute in to the video
2:25 when he tosses a linebacker and a defensive back like they are rag dolls within a few seconds of each other. Veinotte is a guy who plays with controlled rage, and you want nothing more than a big, mean, lineman who does not lose his head.
4:28 It's a good thing he is moving up to the NCAA, he is lucky he hasn't killed anybody yet. Great pass blocking
6:38 Good field vision on second level blocking he got himself into the perfect place to pry that lane open.
7:12 He even has nice hands for an OL, great of the coach to call that play during one of, if not the final regular season game of his high school career.
Welcome to UB Jeff!